Why FBLA and Business Education?

fblaWhy FBLA and Business Education?

The Small Business Administration reports that students who participate in FBLA and Business Education programs demonstrate increased initiative and self-confidence. School interests such students more because they see how acquiring practical skills and learning to solve problems contribute to future success.

Additional Benefits of FBLA

Some additional benefits of FBLA and Business Education include: Community Understanding, Business Management Skills, Orientation to Change, Understanding of Market Economy, Individual Personal Growth, Expanded Creative Thinking, Decision-Making Skills, Sense of Career Choices, Application of Technical Skills and Experiences.

Technical employment is the fastest-growing segment of the labor market. Professional occupations make up only 20 percent of all jobs. Admission into a four-year academic program is not the only opportunity for young people to access higher-wage and higher-benefit employment. Graduates of two-year college programs in high demand occupations usually find high-paying jobs quickly. As of 2002, 80 percent of jobs available to young people after leaving high school require high-level skills. The requirements for success in virtually every career path have changed dramatically. New types of occupational fields have emerged, and countless jobs have become obsolete.

At the same time, a vast majority of new existing jobs have become more complex. High performance workplaces stress teamwork, and a broader knowledge base for all workers to allow them to adapt to rapidly-changing workplace technology and structures. Young people entering the work force today will make major job changes an average of seven to nine times during their lives. This does not mean they will start over each time, but it does mean the students must have realistic expectations about careers and be prepared for lifelong learning to remain competitive in the job market over time. The FBLA and Business Program at Hidden Valley High School prepares students with broad based, transferable academic and career-life skills leading to a range of options and opportunities beyond high school.

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(Sources: Report of the National Association of State Boards of Education, School to Work Study Group and U.S. Labor Department, Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

FBLA and Business Education!