San Antonio

Last June a group of us had the opportunity to walk through the gateway to greatness in San Antonio, Texas.  We kicked off our week in the lone star state with state day at Sea World with a rockin’ dinner at the Hard Rock Café. As usual we Hidden Valley kids continued the fun with our second day at Six Flags Entertainment Park screaming our heads off on roller coaster and cooling off from the 100 degree plus weather in the water park. The third day came with a roar of excitement as we went to our first state meeting, set up CJ’s campaign booth, visited the Alamo, and went to opening session. As it was my first opening session I was breath taken by the enthusiasm that filled the room along with the impressive show our state officers put on. The real excitement and anticipation lie in the fact that our own CJ Severson was preparing to give his campaign speech in front of 8,400 people. CJ killed his speech and the crowd loved the boy who had fought so hard for the organization he loved. We spent the next couple days competing, campaigning, and enjoying the city. Closing session came with much anticipation as we were waiting results for both competitive events and CJ’s campaign for national treasurer. First off the results: we brought home two state titles! Devon Andrade took first in both Web 6.0 and Desktop Application. Rilynn and Morgan Hansen took first place as first years in Business Financial Plan. Our FBLA family rejoiced with our success and grew more nervous as we drew close to results for CJ. We all laughed, cried, and screamed when CJ was announced as the next National Treasurer. We left San Antonio forever impacted. We were better friends, better leaders, and had memories that would last forever.

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