Public Speaking I

This event recognizes FBLA members who are beginning to develop qualities of business leadership by developing effective speaking skills. By competing in this event, students gain valuable skills that are ineffably helpful later in life. It consists of a four minute speech that is of a business nature. The speech is developed from one or more of the nine FBLA-PBL goals. It can tie into developing competent, aggressive business leadership, strengthening the confidence of students in themselves and their work, or creating more interest in and understanding of the American business enterprise. It can also develop from encouraging members in the development of individual projects that contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community, developing character, preparing for useful citizenship, and fostering patriotism, encouraging and practicing efficient money management, encouraging scholarship and promoting loyalty, assisting students in the establishment of occupational goals, or facilitating the transition from school to work. A maximum of fifteen finalists (or an equal number from each group in the preliminary performance) will advance to the final round. Students are responsible for writing their own speeches, and should be prepared for the speaking event.

Public speaking helps to instill confidence and competence in the speaker, and provides useful skills for the future. Becoming an able public speaker is an incredibly useful skill for all fields one could go into. It is said that public speaking is one of the greatest fears a person has. Overcoming that fear and becoming good at it even will help you through all areas in life.

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