On June 26, 2012, 11 chapter members and both advisors, got on a plane and flew to San Antonio, Texas for the National Leadership Conference. These 11 members are the ones who placed 1st and 2nd in their competitive events at the State Leadership Conference in April and also CJ Severson, who was running for National Treasurer. Adrienne Pinedo and Alison Ray competed in Management Information Systems, Starr Lester and Anthony Strangis competed in Partnership with Business, Kodie Gallegos competed in Local Chapter Annual Business Report, Morgan and Rilynn Hansen competed in Business Financial Plan, Evan Rechsteiner and David Williams competed in Computer Game and Simulation Programming, and Devon Andrade competed in Desktop Application Programming. We stayed at the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel. The hotel is located only a short walk away from the Riverwalk. June 27th was State Day. All the members who attended the conference from Oregon went to Sea World and then after had dinner at The Hard Rock Café. On June 28th our chapter, along with the members we took from other chapters, went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. June 29th was the free day. We were able to go shopping, prepare for our events, or even just hang out on the Riverwalk. The following two days, June 30th and July 1st, were the competition days. Those two days were the most crazy and hectic days. Everyone did their bests in their events. The next day, the 2nd, was the big day for CJ. It was the campaigning day. A group of people woke up early and set up his campaign booth. Members took turns campaigning for CJ. Later that day was the closing session. This is where we find out the results for the competitive events and also the results of the new 2012-2013 national officers. Everyone had been waiting for this moment. Morgan and Rilynn Hansen, who competed in Business Financial Plan, placed first in their event! Devon Andrade placed first in Desktop Application Programming and also Web.0 (an open event). CJ Severson won his National Treasurer position! The National Leadership Conference was an awesome experience. We met people from all over the country and attended fantastic workshops. This was an experience we will never forget.


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