Management decision making:

This seems like a pretty vague event to start with, so I’d like too clear it up. Yes, you make decisions for a business, but it’s more than that. Two (2) teams that are composed of two (2) or three (3) members from active local chapters which have paid their dues.  To compete you must have only (1) team member may have entered this before. Once you got these you can start to put together objective test and performance. The objective test will be one hour (1) hour long objective test will be administered based on the ability of the team. Team members will take one objective test collaboratively. Non-graphing calculators will be provided. An interactive case study will be given about the problems managers have such as: human resources management, financial management, marketing management, or information systems management. Members of the team will them take the role of management and find a solution to the problem.  Here are some performance guidelines: The top fifteen (15) teams with the highest score on the objective test will advance to the final round. Twenty (20) minutes before the performance the team will receive a case study. Two 4” x 6” note cards will be given to each team member for use during the preparation and the performance. Write information on them they will be collected after the performance. No reference materials, visual aids, or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the preparation or performance. Teams have seven (7) minutes to interact with the judges and present the solution to the case. The judges will play the role of the second party in the presentation and will refer to the case for specifics. Team members must participate. This is a role-play event. So if you like mock-trial them you’ll like this! A timekeeper will let you know when there’s one minute left, by holing up a colored time card. Once time is up the timekeeper will stand and hold another colored time card.

Performances are open to conference attendees who are not performing participants in the final round of this event. So if you like making decisions and arguing your point then do this!

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