HV FBLA Works It!

Hidden Valley FBLA is working hard . . .

. . . on projects, community service and FBLA social activities!

fblaHV FBLA Projects and Partners

Our chapter has developed relationships with the Zonta group, Women’s Crisis Support Center, Grants Pass Kiwanis, Grants Pass Chamber of Kiwanis, CoreMark and The Frank Ault Foundation. We are working with these groups to complete many projects and provide opportunities for FBLA member growth and Skill enhancement.

Through these relationships, FBLA members are making connections with the community while learning about various careers and skills necessary for future gainful employment. We are so thankful for each of these partnerships, and will soon feature each group in a story and on our FBLA Partners page.

HV FBLA Community Service

Our Christmas Basket program is in full swing, and with delivery looming next week, we are feeling the pressure. If you are interested in help some families in need this winter, please consider contact us and participating in our FBLA Christmas basket program. Contact us today to find out how you can help.

HV FBLA Christmas Party

Finally . . . as if there really is an end to what we do . . . we have the Annual FBLA Christmas Party coming up at Mr. Pendleton’s house on Monday, December 13 from 6pm to 8pm. Plan to have a lot of fun with your chapter and enjoy some group fun away from school. It is always a very appreciated thing for one of our advisers to open their home to us!

That’s it for now, keep on keeping on!

HV FBLA – Committed

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