Championship Number 12!


53 members along with advisors and chaperones of the Hidden Valley High School Future Business Leaders of America chapter attended the Oregon FBLA State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC) in Portland, OR April 4-6 and returned with the school’s 12th consecutive State Chapter of the Year award for the 4A division. In addition, the Mustangs returned home two newly elected state officers: Melody Lindorf as Oregon FBLA State President and Lindsey Coffee Johnson as Oregon FBLA Rogue Umpqua Region Vice President.

Hidden Valley also qualified 20 students for the upcoming National Leadership Conference to be held in Anaheim June 27-30. Among the qualifiers, Morgan Hansen qualified for nationals in 2 events with 2 1st place finishes and Rachel Loughran qualified in 2 events with a 1st and 3rd.

The Mustangs captured 47 total awards for competitive events, elections and recognition with 32 top 5 finishes in statewide competitive events! Of the 53 HV students attending, 48 received event award recognition! Competitions at the SBLC are carried out with all students competing against each other in all school divisions 1A-6A, which means that Hidden Valley’s 9 State Champions are the top regardless of school size.

Here is the complete list of results:

Hidden Valley High School FBLA, 2013 Oregon FBLA State Business Leadership Conference Results

Competitive Event Awards

1st – American Enterprise Project: MaryAnn Ellis, Jordin Gilbert, Rachel Loughran (National Qualifier)
1st – Community Service Project: Morgan Hansen, Rilynn Hansen, Cedar Wilkening (National Qualifier)
1st – Digital Design and Promotion: Jon Boyle, Justin Elkins (National Qualifier)
1st – Digital Video Production: Kaitlyn McCafferty, Addy Stewart (National Qualifier)
1st – E-Business: Duke York (National Qualifier)
1st – Future Business Leader: CJ Severson (National Qualifier)
1st – Impromptu Speaking: Morgan Hansen (National Qualifier)
1st – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures: Lindsey Coffee-Johnson (National Qualifier)
1st – Management Information Systems: Kaelan Fisher, Ashley Green (National Qualifier)
2nd – Cyber Security: Jacob Castro (National Qualifier)
2nd – Digital Scrapbook: Helena DeCasas, Bailey McRill, Mikayla Woolsey
2nd – Management Information Systems: Lindsey Pearson, Alison Ray (National Qualifier)
2nd – March of Dimes Report: McKenzie Henkels, Starr Lester, Nick Stark
2nd – Partnership with Business Project: Mason Davis, Jacob Pendleton (National Qualifier)
3rd – Business Financial Plan: Emma Burgess, Zack Carter, Anthony Strangis
3rd – Business Literacy: Rachel Loughran (National Qualifier)
3rd – Business Presentation: Shayla Lawson, Haley Musack, Lilli Stephens
3rd – Chapter Newsletter: Rayna Graeber
3rd – Chapter Publicity Award: Rayna Graeber, Randi Ann Martin, Duke York
3rd – Chapter Website: Duke York
3rd – Client Service: Kodie Gallegos
3rd – Website Design: Honor O’Sullivan
4th – Business Financial Plan: Lindsey Coffee-Johnson, Michelle Hamner, Bethany Rice
4th – Business Plan: Josh Faulkner, Lindsey Jacobsen
4th – Computer Game and Simulation Programming: Tyoma Eagle, David Williams, Coburn York
4th – Digital Video Production: Jacob Castro
4th – Electronic Career Portfolio: Cassie Hiler
4th – Public Speaking II: MaryAnn Ellis
4th – Website Design: Evan Rechsteiner
5th – Computer Game and Simulation Programming: Homero Arras, Matt Abel
5th – Digital Design and Promotion: Tanner Prince, Nick Stark
5th – Emerging Business Issues: Melody Lindorf, Randi Ann Martin
7th – Business Literacy: Alison Ray
8th – Business Literacy: Jon Boyle
8th – Public Speaking II: Abram Arias
9th – Business Literacy: Mason Davis
9th – Local Chapter Annual Business Report: Kodie Gallegos
10th – Chapter Scrapbook: Randi Ann Martin
10th – FBLA Principles and Procedures: Bethany Rice
10th – Public Speaking II: Savannah Davis

Notable Awards

Elected Oregon FBLA State President: Melody Lindorf
Elected Oregon FBLA Rogue Umpqua Region Vice President: Lindsey Coffee-Johnson
Who’s Who in FBLA Award: CJ Severson
Who’s Who in FBLA Award: Cedar Wilkening
Oregon FBLA State Officer Merit Scholarship: CJ Severson
Gold Seal Chapter Award
Government Promotion Project Award
4A State Chapter of the Year (12th Consecutive)

Notable Statistics

47 Total Awards
32 Top 5 Competitive Event Finishes
2 Elected State Officers
12th Consecutive State Championship
20 Students Qualified for Nationals
17 Senior Award Winners
13 Junior Award Winners
22 Sophomore Award Winners
16 Freshmen Award Winners

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