Hidden Valley Computer Game and Simulation

Hidden Valley C.G.S is hard at work this year, creating games for the state level, in hopes of going ever further to the National level. “I would like to see our game win first place at state. Then proceed to Nationals” says Duncan Martin a member of Team Retro Stangs. Team Retro Stangs is working on a game called “Tale of the Business Viking” and is making great progress. David Williams, lead sprite designer, works on all sprites and backgrounds seen in game. “I would like
to go to nationals, but state would be good. I want to see the game finished and working.” Evan Rechsteiner, lead designer, teaches freshmen the ropes of game designing and programming. ”I hope to see improvement in the freshmen on my team, this game we are making is practice for them, for the up-coming years in FBLA.”

A Turret Sprite

There is one more team hoping to go to the state level, team Marauder. They are making a game they call “Pea Shooter Battle Crypted City” “This game blends tactical battle plans and business” says Shane Crofoot, in sprite design. “I have learned how to make sprites from scratch. They may not look too pretty but they work.”

John Salidaga, the one and only programmer does all the programming for the team. “I want to see the game to be large and filled with many interesting things you can interact with. Making the game may be quite a challenge but I am sure that if we work hard and keep at it, the game will be very successful.” Richard Chenoweth works on fine detailing sprites and hopes to see the game reach high levels in competition.

Good work Computer Game And Simulation Teams! We hope to see you up on stage at state!

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