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FBLA Job Interview

fbla job interviewFBLA Eligibility

Each state may submit two (2) participants who are FBLA members from active local chapters, on record in the FBLA national center as having paid dues by March 1 of the current school year. Overview this event consists of two (2) parts: a letter of application, résumé, and a job application form; and an interview.

Participants are required to complete all parts to be eligible to win an award. A letter of application, résumé, and job application must be submitted in six folders prior to the FBLA NLC by the state chair or designee and received by the national center by the second Friday in May.

Each FBLA participant must apply for a business or business-related job at Merit Corporation. The job must be one for which he/she is now qualifying end or for which he/she will be qualify end at the completion of the current school year.


  • Letter, Résumé, Job Application
  • Participants will apply for a position at Merit Corporation. Merit Corporation is a large if tonal National Corporation headquartered in Washington, DC. Company benefit it’s include paid holidays and vacations, sick leave, a retirement plan, and health insurance. Salary will be commensurate with experience and education. Merit Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Six (6) copies of the following items must be submitted by the second Friday in May:
  • A one-page letter of application (original or copy) from the Participant addressed to:
    • Dr. Terry E. Johnson, Director of Human Resources, Merit Corporation, 1640 Franklin Place, Washington, DC  20041
  • A brief résumé (original or copy) not to exceed two (2) pages.
  • Photographs are not allowed.

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Adapted By HV FBLA Member Kodie Gallegos

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