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fbla computer applicationsKnowledge of computer applications is a necessity in today’s high-tech business world. Employees must be able to apply various computer applications in a business environment using critical-thinking and decision-making skills. This FBLA event provides recognition for members who can most efficiently demonstrate computer application skills.

FBLA Eligibility

Each state may enter two (2) participants who are members of active local FBLA chapters, on record in the FBLA national center as having paid dues by March 1 of the current school year.

FBLA Overview

This event consists of two (2) parts: an objective test and a production test. FBLA Participants are required to complete all parts to be eligible to win an award. A one (1) hour objective test will be administered based on the objective test competencies. The score received on this portion of the event will constitute 15 percent of the final event score. Nongraphing calculators will be provided. Two (2) hours will be given for the production test at a school site designated by the state FBLA chair/state adviser. Calculators are not allowed on the production portion of the test. The score received on this portion of the event will constitute 85 percent of the final score. Tests must be sent by the FBLA state chair/state adviser and received by the FBLA national center for judging by the third Friday in May.

FBLA Guidelines

  • The production portion of this event is administered prior to the NLC. The administration of the production test will be determined by your state chair/state adviser.
  • The following reference materials are allowed at the test site: dictionaries and the FBLA Format Guide.
  • Documents produced for this event must be prepared by the FBLA competitors, without help from the adviser or any other person.
  • In case of a tie, the production test will be used to break the tie.

FBLA Objective Test Competencies

  • Basic computer terminology and concepts
  • Presentation, publishing and multimedia applications
  • Security
  • Basic application knowledge and word processing
  • E-mail, integrated and collaboration applications
  • Netiquette and legal
  • Spreadsheet and database applications
  • Formatting, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and proofreading

FBLA Production Competencies

  • Database—creating a database; applying various functions such as searching, querying, etc.
  • Spreadsheets—applying functions such as move, combine, format, creating and applying formulas
  • Presentation—preparing text slides with graphics business graphics—bar, line, pie, exploded pie, stacked bar
  • Word processing—letters, memorandums, tables, reports, or other type of word processing problems

NBEA Standards Reinforced by this FBLA Event

  • Communication: technological, foundations
  • Information Technology: impact on society, information retrieval, privacy and ethics, database management system, computer architecture, operating systems, environment and utilities, input technology, application software

FBLA – Career Cluster: Information Technology

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