FBLA Business Law


fblaThis event provides recognition for FBLA members who are familiar with specific legal areas that most commonly affect personal and business relationships.

FBLA Eligibility

Each state may enter three (3) FBLA participants who are members from active FBLA local chapters, on record in the national center as having paid dues by March 1 of the current school year.


A one (1) hour objective test will be administered based on the competencies listed. Nongraphing calculators will be provided.

Objective Test Competencies

  • Legal system
  • Contracts and sales
  • Business organization
  • Property laws
  • Agency and employment laws
  • Negotiable instruments, insurance, secured transactions, bankruptcy
  • Consumer and product/personal liability
  • Computer law
  • Domestic and personal law

NBEA Standards Reinforced by Event

  • Business Law: basics of the law, contract law, commercial paper, insurance, bankruptcy, property law, computer law, wills and trusts, domestic relations
  • International Business: global business environment
  • Economics and Personal Finance: using credit, protecting against risk

Career Clusters: Business Management and Administration

HV FBLA – Business Law Comes Naturally

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