Business Ethics


FBLA EthicsEthical decisions are essential in the business world and the workplace. This team event recognizes FBLA members who demonstrate the ability to present solutions to ethical situations encountered in the business world and the workplace.

FBLA Eligibility

Each state may submit two (2) teams composed of two (2) to three (3) FBLA members from active local chapters, on record in the national center as having paid dues by March 1 of the current school year. No more than one (1) team member may have competed in this event at a prior NLC.


This FBLA event consists of a performance component. Each team will present and defend its positions related to an ethical dilemma.

FBLA Performance Guidelines

Preliminary Performance

  • A maximum of fifteen (15) finalists—or an equal number from each group—will advance to the final round.
  • Twenty (20) minutes before the performance, each team will receive the ethical dilemma.
  • Two (2) 4” x 6” note cards will be provided for each participant and may be used during the preparation and performance of the case. Information may be written on both sides of the note cards. Note cards will be collected following the presentation.
  • No reference materials, visual aids, or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the preparation or performance.
  • FBLA Teams member should introduce themselves and describe the ethical situation. All team members must participate in the presentation.
  • FBLA Teams have seven (7) minutes to present the ethical dilemma.
  • A timekeeper will stand at six (6) minutes and again at seven (7) minutes. When each team is finished, the time used will be recorded. A five (5) point deduction will be made for presentations over seven (7) minutes.
  • Following each presentation, judges will conduct a three (3) minute question-answer period.
  • The preliminary performance is not open to conference attendees.

Final Performance

  • All FBLA teams will be sequestered before the fi rst performance to receive instructions and time assignments.
  • The final guidelines are the same as the preliminary guideline  described above; and the final performance is open to conference attendees, who are not performing participants of this event

Performance Competencies make ethical business decisions in the business world and workplace

  • Provide a rationale for ethical decisions presented
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving
  • Demonstrate good verbal communication skills
  • Effectively answers questions

NBEA Standards Reinforced by Event

  • Business Law: basics of the law
  • Career Development: self-awareness
  • Communication: foundations, organizational
  • Information Technology: impact on society

Career Cluster: Business Management and Administration

HV FBLA – Business Ethics is our thing!

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